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3 Reasons To Submit Online Maintenance Requests

Having something breakdown in your apartment can be a major inconvenience.  Getting it fixed promptly shouldn't be.  As you know, you can call the office or fill out a maintenance request online (from your Tenant Web Portal).  But what exactly are some of the benefits to submitting a maintenance request online instead of over the phone or in person?

Here are 3 reasons to submit your maintenance request online:

  • Convenience

    You can complete a maintenance order on YOUR time. Do it at work, at home, form your phone while waiting for that boring meeting to end. No need to worry about the leasing office being open - Online maintenance is like being open for business 24 hours a day!
  • Clarity

    Tell us exactly what you mean! Take as much wording needed to thoroughly describe the situation. The more, the better!  Additionally, you will reduce the likelihood that someone over the phone mis-understood what you said.  Put it in your words, add photos, make it easily understood as possible!
  • Quicker Response

    If you're at work when you call, we may be busy assisting other people and may not be able to promptly return your call.  Likewise with sending a message via the website or via social media - it may not be acknowledged very quickly.  Submitting your online maintenance request cuts out the middle man and should help expedite your issue..

Now we do understand that sometimes you'd rather speak with a human being, and that's okay!  We will ALWAYS take your maintenance request over the phone, but as you can see, self-service via your Tenant Web Portal can save your time and aggravation!

Need help with your online portal?  Contact the leasing office today! (we'd be glad to help!)

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The Staff at GRE Property Management