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3 Tips To Weather The Financial Storm

Unless you are independently wealthy, you may find yourself needing some advice and tips for weathering a "financial storm" at some point in your life whether you're young or old. And while these 3 tips won't make you uber rich, they may provide a little relief when money gets tight.

TIP 1: Sell Stuff!

You may be familiar with the likes of Ebay and Craigslist, but don't forget the buy/sell groups on Facebook too! More and more people are turning to social media to sell off unwanted items. Likewise though, if you have to purchase something, consider buying it second hand from sights like or Freecycle

TIP 2: Bill Pay Your Savings!

You'll never miss $5 or $10 per paycheck - so why not set up a bill pay to your savings account each payday? Use an auto-transfer feature if available or some other payment schedule to start paying yourself and your future! It's easy! And $10 a week could equal an additional $500 in your savings account each year!

TIP 3: Avoid Late Fees!

Just like using bill pay to increase your savings, use bill pay (or similar auto-pay system) to make sure the same amount comes out for those fixed monthly bills like car insurance or cable/internet bills. Many companies assess late fees (some up to $35!) which can increase your monthly payments dramatically if you fall behind!

Do you have any tips or strategies to weather the financial storm? If so please share! And remember that in the long run, you can avoid some of the pain during financial hard times, you just need to be diligent and thrifty.

Thanks for reading/sharing!

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