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4 Reasons Why You Should Renew Your Lease

You get a reminder from the GRE Leasing Office in your email that your lease will be expiring! You're now faced with the decision: Renew your lease or Move?

Before you make that decision, we have 4 reasons to renew your lease that you may want to consider before you make your decision! (continue to list below)

  • Reason #1 - SAVE TIME
    First, there's the time it takes to search for a place you might want to look at or visit! (this includes time calling and email apartment communities, visiting/touring apartment communities, etc)
    Second, it takes time to pack. And once you pack, there is the time it takes to unpack too!
    Third, the time it takes to change contact info for all bills.
    (renewing your lease takes 5-10 minutes!)
    As a current resident, you know how things work! You know who your neighbors are (for the most part), who the maintenance personnel are, and more!
    (grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence!)
  • Reason #3 - SAVE MONEY
    First month's rent, possibly a deposit, plus applications fees, pet deposits, etc. All of these costs are incurred while still having to pay your current rent and bills!
    The cost to take time off of work is another cost consideration.
    Don't forget the cost to buy moving boxes and a moving truck (possibly movers too!).
    (costs to pack and move into a new apartment could exceed $2000!)
  • Reason #4 - REDUCE STRESS
    Where do we being on this one? Think back to how stressful it was looking for an apartment. How was your stress level on moving day?
    (if you have pets, remember that moving is stressful for them too!)

Of course, the best reason of all why you should renew is the GREAT staff and exceptional value in apartment living at Haymeadow Apartments in Peoria!

Check out the video below on other reasons why you should renew your lease.  And remember these reasons to renew when you get that lease renewal notice in your email from Kathi.

Thanks for reading and sharing!  If you have any suggestions for blog posts, please let us know!

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