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April 2nd Is Natl Peanut Butter And Jelly Day

It is almost THE perfect food!  And whether you like Crunchy or Creamy peanut butter, Grape or Strawberry Jelly, today (April 2nd) is the day to celebrate Peanut Butter and Jelly! So besides the debate on peanut butter itself (as well as the jelly/jam debate), there is also the crust on or off debate.  But what you may not know is how this delicious duo came together...
So - who originally came up with the idea of putting peanut butter together with jelly? (and then to put all of THAT onto some bread?!?) According to Bon Apetit, the first instance recorded of putting peanut butter together with jelly on some bread happened in 1901.  An article was written in the Boston Cooking School Magazine of Culinary Science and Domestic Economics by Julia David Chandler:
 "For variety, some day try making little sandwiches, or bread fingers, of three very thin layers of bread and two of filling, one of peanut paste, whatever brand you prefer, and currant or crab-apple jelly for the other. The combination is delicious, and, so far as I know, original" So in addition to the origins of this American staple, we thought you'd enjoy some statistics about our American love affair with peanut butter and jelly, courtesy of
  • There is a 75% chance that if you drop a slice of peanut butter bread it will fall face down.
  • 50% of all peanuts grown around the world are used to make peanut butter. 
  • The average American child will have eaten 1500 PB&J sandwiches before graduation.
  • An 18 ounce jar of peanut butter will contain approximately 850 peanuts.
  And finally, from Huffington Post on the GREAT DEBATE, CREAMY OR CRUNCHY....Americans prefer...CREAMY!  The article goes on to say though, that "women opt for smooth, while men lean toward chunky".
Happy PB&J Day everyone!  Celebrate by making one of Elvis Presley's famous PB&J (with bacon and bananas!)  As always, we appreciate you reading and sharing!