Living Wise

August 22nd Is National Be An Angel Day

Introduced by Reverend Jayne Howard Feldman in 1993, National Be an Angel Day is intended to encourage people to perform random acts of kindness and goodwill throughout America. This day is a good time for reflection - many think more so since yesterday saw a once in a lifetime celestial eclipse!
So as you look back with appreciation at the many things that people have done for us, encourage yourself to step out of your regular routine and pay it forward to someone else who looks like they may just need a smile to turn their day around. Put some extra change in a parking meter that might be almost out. Leave a bigger than usual tip for your server at your favorite restaurant with a little note telling them how much you appreciate them.
  Whether you are walking the dog and take a second to help someone with their groceries, or you go out of your way to help at a local food pantry or soup kitchen, keep in mind that this national holiday is the perfect time to spread positivity and happiness. In our modern world, it is so easy to get caught up in the rat race that very seldom do we get the opportunity to look around us and appreciate humanity. Be thankful for the people in your past and the people in your future. On National Be an Angel Day, we challenge you to look around you and see how you can spread a little kindness and gratitude.
 Whether giving smiles or sending a donation to a local nonprofit organization, make our world better because you’re in it. Have a fantastic "Be An Angel Day" and as always, thank you for reading and sharing!