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Grab A Beer Today Is National Nachos Day

Seems there's a silly holiday for everything, but maybe this holiday has some merit, right?  It's November 6th, and today is National Nachos Day!  So grab a brewski and settle in for a quick homage to our favorite stadium food!
 To be true to these cheesy snacks, we need to know their origins.  And for that, we turn to the most obvious source,
 According to their website, the food was created about 70 years ago in the border town of Piedra Negras.  The matre D of the Victory Club, in trying to find food for American soldiers, only had tortilla shells and cheese.  Anaya cut the tortilla shells into triangles, heated those with cheese on top, and added sliced jalepeno peppers.  Voila!  Nachos!  
 If you'd rather not have to deal with stadium crowds to get your favorite stadium food, might we suggest making your own?  The folks at Fox News have 5 tips for making the perfect nachos: 
  1. Start with thicker chips.  Thicker chips will stay crisp longer and hold up to a heavier toppings load!
  2. Don't overload each chip.  The trick should have enough toppings for a good mouthful.
  3. Choose your cheese wisely.  It is suggested to use a combination of cheese sauce and shredded cheese.
  4. Don't mix hot and cold.  The key word is mix.  Keep hots and colds separate until you're ready to serve those nachos. 
  5. Use aluminum foil.  Easy clean-up, and if you like well-done cheese you'll have a bounty of it leftover on the foil and it's easy to peel and eat!
 Finally, where do we get free nachos?  Thanks to Uproxx, we have a list of restaurants giving free nachos.  Unfortunately, most on that list are not in the Peoria area...except for Taco John's!  They ARE on the list!  So check it out!  And enjoy National Nachos Day! Thanks for reading and sharing, friends!