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Happy International Left Handers Day Southpaws

Southpaw: a term used to describe a person who is left hand dominant.  And today, August 13th, is International Left Handers Day for all of you "southpaws"! When and why was a day to celebrate lefties started?  And just how many people in the world are left-handed?  From left-hadnded scissors to knives to inkpens, we're gonna take a quick glimpse into this holiday for all the folks who "write backwards".
Lefthanders International, founded in 1976, wanted to draw attention to the difficulties left-handed people face.  As explains, not only was it common to accuse lefties of practicing witchcraft in the 1600's, but prices for items designed FOR left-handers were markedly more expensive too.
 Then in 1992, Left-Handers' Club created the first Left Handers Day to celebrate left-handers.  They recognized that only 10% of people are left-handed and that most things were designed for right-handed people. Are you left-handed?  If you are, you celebrate that same trait with the following "Southpaw" celebrities:Prince William (Duke of Cambridge)Bill GatesRobert RedfordRobert DeniroSeth RogenPresident ObamaPresident ClintonEminemKeanu ReevesDavid LettermenMark WahlbergJennifer LawrenceSir Paul McCartneyJimi Hendrix
 So Left-Handers, celebrate!  You are in your "right mind" being left-handed!Thank you for reading and sharing!