Living Wise

Haymeadow Pumpkin Selfie Contest Winner

Happy Halloween (a little early) everyone!  We asked you for your pumpkin selfies to see how creative you could get...and you did not disappoint! 
 At stake - a Halloween first prize pack that includes the essentials for a spooky night:
* A couple of horror DVD's
 * A selection of candy (we promise we didn't lift it from any kids)
 * A bag of popcorn
 * And a bottle of Vampire wine 
 We had 2 entries, which is fortuitous since we only have 2 prizes to award. (we're sure we'll have more for our Christmas Door Decorating contest) You know what the first prize winner receives.  But!  Runner-up prize isn't too shabby either: ONE MONTH FREE COVERED PARKING!
 Here were the 2 entries: Nightmare Before Christmas
 AND Sonogram-O-Lantern
 The winner is........There was a LOT of deliberation!.....We asked 5 people to judge!.....
The Nightmare Before Christmas!!  Congratulations to BOTH our participants, Jamie and Julia!Jamie gets the First Prize Pack of DVD's, Popcorn, Candy, and Wine.Julia gets One Month Covered Parking FREE! Happy Halloween everyone!  Thanks for having some holiday fun with us!  If you have suggestions, please email us!