Living Wise

Haymeadows Apts Delivers Boxes Of Donated Items to Charter Oak Primary School

As you know, we have been collecting donations for Charter Oak Primary School this holiday season and today we delivered your donations!  3 boxes full of classroom items and food items for a couple of Charter Oak Primary student’s families.
One of our Core Values at GRE Property Management is our support for our local community through actions and contributions.  We started in our support of Charter Oak Primary School a couple of months ago with the Journal Star’s “Newspapers In Education Program”, and have continued our support with today’s delivery of donated items. 
 The school had a need for classroom supplies and had also asked for your help in providing a holiday meal for the families of a couple of their students and you guys came through!  Charter Oak Principal Elizabeth Zilkowski was overjoyed at the generosity you displayed.  And personally speaking, you know that good feeling you get when you do something nice for someone else?  Let’s just say that Charter Oak School was not the only one who benefited! 
 In addition to recognizing our resident’s generosity, we would also like to recognize and  show our appreciation to Pottstown Meat and Deli in the Metro Centre.  They provided 2 Charter Oak Primary School student’s families with two HUGE turkeys!  Thank you!! In the future, we plan on doing more to help our community and will continue to ask you, our Haymeadow residents, for your help too.  So again, thank you to everyone who donated.  You have helped make this holiday brighter for people right here in our very own community!See more on our Facebook page and have a Happy Holiday!