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June 6th Is National Yo Yo Day

The Sleeper.  Looping.  Around The World.  If you are familiar with those terms, then you likely know that today, June 6th, is National Yo-Yo Day!  How do WE know?  Our Haymeadow Calendar, of course!  We admit, this gives us something fun and nostalgic to share with everyone, and who knows, maybe after reading this you'll dig through some boxes to drag out your old yo-yo for a little "walking the dog". Let's start with the history of the yo-yo.  500 B.C.
 Even though first historical mentions of the yo-yo go back to Greece in 500 B.C., it is assumed that the yo-yo was actually a Chinese invention.  Since then, the yo-yo has been used as a weapon, stress reliever, toy, and of course, multi-million dollar industry! 
 But why is June 6th recognized as "National Yo-Yo Day"?  Interestingly enough, we discovered that it may have to do with birth date of the man who is credited for mass producing Yo-Yos in the United States, Donald Duncan Sr.  (his actual birthdate is June 8th) 
 Now if that name sounds familiar to you, it should!  Duncan Yo-Yos are arguably the #1 yo-yo in the world!  We'd even bet, that if you DO own a yo-yo, it's probably a Duncan! So celebrate National Yo-Yo Day!  Go find that yo-yo you had as a kid, head outside in the fresh air and take a trip "Around The World" or go "Walk the Dog", maybe "Shoot The Moon" later.Yo-yo'ing just might improve hand-eye coordination, and at the least, will relax you for a bit.Thanks, as always, for reading (and sharing?)!