Living Wise

Living Wise August 2018 Issue: Parking Tips, A Puppy Party, And Maintenance Issues

Happy August, Haymeadow Residents!  This month's Living Wise has parking tips, information on our Second Annual Yappy Hour (basically a party for puppies!), and how to tell if your maintenance issue is an emergency or not. 



As you know, there is assigned parking here at Haymeadow, but only for the covered parking spaces.  In this month's Living Wise, we give you some tips on parking to help you be a better neighbor:  

  1. Square Up! 
  2. Slow Down! 
  3. Mind Your Manners! 

 Last year we had our first ever Yappy Hour - it was a huge success and a lot of fun!  So what is Yappy Hour?  A party!!!  For you and your 4-legged roommate!  We will have snacks, music, and adult beverages for the 2-legged guests (YOU!) and for the 4-legged attendees we will have TREATS! 

 Head to our Haymeadow Apts Facebook page and RSVP today!  Here at GRE Property Management, we offer 24 hour, Emergency Maintenance.  So exactly what constitutes an emergency?  First, we need to make clear that even MINOR maintenance issues need to be reported!  Small issues can become major issues if not addressed.On to what constitutes "Emergency Maintenance":

An "Emergency Issue" is an issue that is dangerous, hazardous, or could cause damage to you or the property if not address immediately.* No heat or a/c when temp is above 85° or below 50°* Electrical failure, sparks or fire* Overflowing or stopped-up toilet* No hot water* Severe plumbing leaks or roof leaks* Refrigerator not working  Have a great August everyone!  We appreciate you visiting and sharing!