Living Wise

Living Wise November 2017 Food Drive And Money Saving Tips

It's November!  Time to break out the sweaters and blankets!  Which is one of the money-saving suggestions you might just find in the month's edition of Living Wise!
 Along with those important, money-saving tips, we'd like to draw your attention to the notice about a November Food Drive.  Please donate any non-perishable food items to help other Central Illinois neighbors in need. Do you have your flu shot yet?  Don't forget!  Stay proactive and stay healthy!  Manylocal retail pharmacies have them available for very little cost!  #WorthIt! Thank you for reading, don't forget to follow us on Facebook @GRErentals and @HaymeadowApts.  And if there are items you'd like us to cover in future editions of Living Wise, please email!