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Peoria Today Is National Pizza Day

Yes, Peoria!  February 9, 2018 is officially known as National Pizza Day!  And on this chewy cheesy day we're gonna tell you a little about the origins of America's favorite non-fruit pie, some interesting facts about pizza, and MOST IMPORTANTLY...where to get the deals on pizza today!
So do you think pizza was originally an Italian food item?  Don't worry, most people DO think it's origins are Italian.  According to though, while pizza is Italian for the word pie, the word may have come from the Greek word pitta.  In fact, they go on to suggest that the origins of the food itself, might be in fact have originated from the Middle Eastern (Lebanese) dish, lahma bi ajeen, which resembles pizza!
 Their article goes on to say that Italian baker, Raffaele Esposito created the first patriotic pie using ingredients with colors that matched the Italian flag: Red (tomatoes), White (mozzarella), and Green (basil) for King Umberto and Queen Margherita's visit.  Now normally, we'd get into the various regional types of pizza and which are best (Chicago deep dish reigns supreme, of course), but instead we're jumping right into the deals - WHERE TO GET PIZZA DEALS ON PIZZA DAY! According to, today you can try a free sample of Baskin Robbins Sweetheart Polar Ice Pizza or get a FREE thin & crispy Pepperoni Pizza with the purchase of any large pizza at Chuck E. Cheese.  To find other pizza deals, visit the Thrillist's article which has many, many pizza deals for you to take advantage of! Before we throw the extra cheese on this article and toss it in the oven, we thought we'd share some interesting pizza facts with you: 
 Over 3 billions pizzas are sold in the USA each year! (4 billion, counting frozen pizzas too)    
 Americans consume on average 23 pounds of pizza per person each year!     
  36% of all pizza ordered are pepperoni, making it the most popular variety of pizza.         
  The first Pizzeria opened in the U.S. in New York City in 1895.  The owner was Gennaro Lombardi.      Happy National Pizza Day everyone!  We hope you've enjoyed this little....slice of popular culture, and get to enjoy your favorite pizza tonight! As always, we appreciate you stopping by, reading and sharing!