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Say Cheese Today Is National Camera Day

It's the instrument that has changed how we look at the world for the past two centuries.  Before that, we had sketches and drawings.  Maybe that's why we celebrate today, June 29th, as National Camera Day!  So say CHEESE, and check out some fun facts about this picture-perfect "holiday".
  According to, the inventor of the camera was a Frenchman named, Joseph Niépce.  Ironincally, there are no photos of him. (just kidding)  Reportedly, that first photograph was taken in 1825 and was taken from the window at the family's estate in La Gras.
  More recently, the father of modern photography is credited as George Eastman.  And if that name sounds familiar, you may know if from the Kodak Eastman Company or Kodak for short.
  Kodak cameras became SO popular that it's famous film, Kodachrome, was immortalized in a 70's song by Paul Simon:
  So what can you do to celebrate National Camera Day?
  •  Take a photo and post to social media with the hastag #NationalCameraDay 
  • Or you can participate in a National Camera Day event like the one being hosted by camera maker, Cannon.
 Smile and "Say Cheese!" it's National Camera Day!  How are you going to celebrate? Thanks for reading and sharing!