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St Patricks Day In Peoria

Ever since you were a little kid, you were told to dress in green for St. Patrick's Day.  And if you're a Peoria native, you're probably familiar with festivities that happen every St. Patrick's Day in Peoria.But do you know the origins of this holiday?  And what about planning for St. Patrick's Day merriment in Peoria?  Well of course, we have both topics covered for you!
St. Patrick's Day (Lá Fhéile Pádraig, in the Irish tongue) is the day when we celebrate Irishculture, world-wide.
Many people, Irish or not, wear green to celebrate, eat Irish foods (like corned beef and cabbage), and imbibe adult beverages (like green beer or Irish whiskey).  But who was St. Patrick?
St. Patrick of Ireland was a missionary and patron saint of Ireland who died on March 17, around 460 A.D.  Now, you may have heard the legends of St. Patrick leading all of the snakes from Ireland (which are untrue, by the way), but that isn't why people around the world of revere him and his holiday.   
St. Patrick is credited for bringing Christianity to Ireland and for incorporating the 3-leaf clover that represents the Holy Trinity (NOT 4-leaf as many people today believe) and Celtic cross (the cross with a circle, denoting the sun) into Irish religion and culture.  How do Peorians celebrate St. Patrick's Day?  The St. Patrick's Day parade (among other festivities) of course!  Visit Peoria's St. Patrick Society for info.  Now, it's also a tradition in Peoria that many business close early, while many bars like Kelleher's Irish Pub OPEN early so that revelers can get an early start on the day.  So as you can see, Peoria is serious about St. Patrick's Day! Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?  If so, what creative ways have you found to dress up or otherwise celebrate?  Share your experiences with us!Happy St. Patty's Day!  And thank you for reading!