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Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner At Your Apartment

If your loved ones scoff at you hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your place, don’t worry, we found some useful tips to share on how to silence the scoffers and make Thanksgiving in your apartment successful! First, let’s all agree that hosting Thanksgiving dinner anywhere can be a daunting task, but ESPECIALLY if you live in an apartment, right?  With the limited amount of space to serve and entertain, you have to get creative.
       So we sought out and found these tips, courtesy of the
  1. Put your plans (seating, serving, collecting) all on paper: Keeping everything planned out on paper will help ensure you don’t forget something, and hopefully make your dinner less chaotic.  The good thing too about a plan is that you don’t necessarily have to stick to it verbatim; deviation is fine.  Keep this in mind too - making a plan will help when it comes to our other tips too! 
  2. Keep everything within arm’s reach Napkins, condiments, anything that you might otherwise have to get up from your seat to retrieve.  This will cut down on having to get up from your seat, potentially forcing others to get up also. 
  3. Use mix-matched seating, it’s okay: Don’t be afraid to bring in a card table and some folding chairs. In this case, its function over form. Beside, people are going to be too busy enjoying the meal to complain about where they’re sitting, right? And if it’s necessary for guests to sit on the sofa or recliner, use trays or even a cutting board for a more stable place to set a plate. 
  4. BYOSD: Bring Your Own Side Dish.This one has been rule in my family for a while now so the responsibility of cooking is shared.In an apartment setting, BYOSD becomes so much more important if only because there may not be enough room to prepare everything PLUS dishes for dining 
  5. Keep the windows open:
    “Keep the windows open”? Are we crazy? Maybe a little…but not because of this suggestion. Look, you will be cooking, using the oven and stove top. Now add a few more people to the mix and the temperature rise even more. Opening a window, even if it’s in a bedroom, may help regulate some air flow and reduce some of the hot air. 
So there you have it – some useful tips for a successful Thanksgiving dinner at your apartment!  Hopefully the scoffers will scoff no more. Do you have any Thanksgiving dinner hacks to share?  Let us know!  And check out the rest of the helpful tips for hosting a Thanksgiving dinner at your apartment here: Happy Thanksgiving!  From the staff at GRE Property Management.