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Wanna Play Today Is National Play Doh Day

It's one of those early childhood toys that allowed you to, with your imagination, create colored shapes of all different sizes.  There were even tools to help you craft your creations.  Give your childhood a big reminiscing hug, because today is National Play Doh Day! All those years playing with the squishy substance, but did you know what it was made of?
Play Doh is a modeling clay.  It is made from pretty simple ingredients: Flour, water, salt, boric acid, and mineral oil!  Sounds easy right?  But who came up with the idea to make it and why? Play Doh was invented in 1930's as WALLPAPER CLEANER!  It wasn't until the 1950's that it was employed in it's current use - a child's toy.  It's original colors were blue, red, yellow, and white. According to, in the 1960's "Captain Kangaroo endorsed Play-Doh..." and led to things like The Fun Factory which "let kids extrude the material into interesting shapes, making mock hair, colorful spaghetti, and pretend ice cream that wouldn’t melt."
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